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This new service from Big History Project provides the thing teachers need most—time. Developed in collaboration with ASU, BHP Score ensures that teachers and students also get high quality, consistent feedback quickly and easily.

Video info: The BHP course has a strong focus on building writing and literacy skills. Hear more from one of our veteran teachers.



Good writing requires two things—practice and support. With BHP Score, teachers get time back to work with students more consistently, and they have access to clear, reliable data to guide their discussions. BHP Score delivers key elements:

  1. Student-specific evaluations for each essay submitted for scoring
  2. Aggregated class data highlighting trends
  3. Data to track student improvement over time


Writing skills are foundational to the Big History Project (BHP). Over the last three years, students who take the course have shown tremendous improvement in those skills. The secret of this success is simple. Students taking BHP write a lot, and they receive consistent feedback that they have opportunities to act on. By offering a wide variety of texts, Investigations (activities that are similar to DBQs), and exercises, BHP helps teachers purposefully develop student writing skills.


First, teachers must register to teach the Big History Project course, and then “activate” the BHP Score service. After activation, it’s three easy steps:

  1. Students write responses to Investigations in Units 2, 6, and 9, and then submit them via 
  2. The teacher presses a button to submit the essays to a cohort of trained evaluators at Arizona State University. 
  3. Three to seven days later, the teacher gets a full report of student and class data via an alert and PDF.

The BHP Score evaluators at Arizona State University work with a standard BHP Writing Rubric, which covers each student’s content knowledge, use of evidence, construction of argument, and writing mechanics. Reports are ONLY delivered to teachers—not directly to students—to ensure all information is interpreted appropriately. View a sample report.

To ensure high quality service and support, BHP Score will be limited to the first 1,000 schools to sign up for the service. All participants must have registered and be teaching the Big History Project course.

How do you get started? If you’re already a registered BHP teacher, sign up for BHP Score today. If you want to become a registered teacher, use the form below.

For more details on BHP Score, download the BHP Score brochure or view the FAQ. Have questions? Drop us a line at

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